The Kaylantic trip - so by kayak through the life

Primary aim

The first cross the Atlantic on the kayak from the continent to the continent on the board of specially built kayak Noe.

Route: 4.500 km

Coast Ivory - South equator current - Brazil

Secondary aims

Presenting support to the idea of United Europe by sailing around big part of the continent and by visiting many ports of the Union countries

Promotion of Poland

Promotion of sea and expedition kayaking

The realization of dreams


September/November - the end of preparations and collecting the expedition equipment and supplies for the Atlantic kayak trip

December - transport of the kayak to the place of the start of cross Atlantic trip (Coast Ivory)

January - April 2009 - the cross - Atlantic trip

Previously done things during the preparations:

July 2005 - October 2007 - sailing around the big part of Europ on the Kayak Noe,

accomplishment of the project called <Kaylantic - by kayak around Europe>

The Baltic Sea - Rone (Bornholm Denmark) - Malmo (Sweden) - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Kill (Germany)

Kill Canal

The North Sea - Brunsbuttel (Germany) - Rotterdam (Holland) - Brugge (Belgium) - Calais (France)

The English Chanel (France) - Bologne sur Mer - Havre - Cherbourg - Saint Malo

Canal (La Manche - Atlantic)

The Atlantic Ocean (France) - Arzal - la Rochel - Bordeaux

Garonna River, Litoral Canal - Toulouse

All together it is 250 days spent in kayak (kayaking, sleeping, in general living in the kayak, preparing meals and so on).

More than 5000 km made in kayak, often in extremely difficult conditions

(the wind strength to 10 B, high and difficult broken waves some of them were more than 6 meters).

More than 150 ports and harbours visited during the trip.

Kayak Noe

Length - 6,5m

Width - 1m

Draught - 0,15 - 0,20 m

Weight of kayak - 100 kg


Body of the kayak:

Pin plywood covered by glass fiber and epoxy resin supported by kevlar from the bottom 

Deck: Mahogany plywood covered by glass fiber and epoxy resin and protected by water resisted varnish

The kayak is prepared to take supplies for 180 days, to sleep in it and to be able to exist there during the trip

Weight of the kayak with the equipment and the luggage and the canoeist - 500 kg

Special paddles - length - 2,55 m

Sail - rosette surface - 1,5 m2

Achievable speed:

Average speed in neutral conditions - 5-6 km/h

Average speed with sail for the wind strength 2-3 B - 7-8 km/h

Average speed of a day route - 25 - 35 km

Maximum achievable day route - 100 km

Additional equipment:

Navigational equipment (GPS, compass, binoculars, maps, software)

Safety - life jacket, distress rockets, active radar reflector, EPIRB, aid kit.

Deck electronic equipment - lights, solar panels, gel accumulator with accesories, water resistant photo camera

Contact - hand receiver UHV, satellite phone, ARGOS

Trip equipment (water handmaker, solar black water bags, cooker, sleeping bag etc.)


Equipment and accessories (kayak, electronics, contact etc.) - 25.000 EURO

Other so far done test costs (supplies, insurance, port fees, the costs of repairing, transport)

2005-2007 - Rone - Toulouse - 15.000 EURO

Proposals for sponsors:
The "Kaylantic" trip - by kayak through the Atlantic that is not typical event and that is why many people are interested in the trip.

Till now the Atlantic ocean was sailed by kayak twice from Canary Island to Caribbean but the trip was never done from one continent to the other.

So if the trip successfully ends that will be the first trip like this.
There are a few surfaces which can be good to settle in and to put commercials there. It can be on sails or on the kayak surface and even on the paddles.
During the route there will be a website where the reports from the trip can be find.
The news from the trip will be sent by a satellite phone. There will be many pictures and commercials about my sponsors too.
After my trips I am usually invited by media and I give interviews I take part in tourist and trip exhibitions and I give lectures as a honorary guest.
In such moments I have many possibilities to present logo of the sponsor and to tell about the support I got.

I can offer promotion of your company during water sport exhibition.
Additionally during my expedition some things will be recorded by camera and the movie about the trip will be done after the end of it.

Paweł Napierała - 38 years old, master of arts - philosophy, academic teacher, organizer of extreme sports,

originator and director of the first try to cross the Atlantic
Prizewinner of " the Colossus 2005" in the category exploit of the year. That is the prize given during yearly meeting of travellers,

sailors and Himalayan mountaineers.

The most important condition of the project - good mood and sense of humour